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The Walter company was founded in 1952 in Montreal. Over the years, the company has evolved and grown, and has been able to launch operations around the world, establishing itself as a leader in the industry. The Walter mission is to contribute to the success of its customers by helping them to improve their performance.

Their team makes a point of investing in high quality materials to design and manufacture the most efficient products. The company also creates its products in advanced manufacturing facilities, which ensures that each product is made according to the latest technologies.

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Product Categories


Walter's abrasives are made from premium quality materials and can be used for cutting, grinding, rectifying, sanding, cleaning or finishing.

Wire Brushes

Wire brushes from Walter provide optimum performance for metal surface conditioning.


Walter's specialty products meet all cleaning and lubrication requirements, whether you need solutions for maintenance, repairs or operations.


Walter tooling is designed using the latest technology. You will find tools for chiseling, milling, twist drilling, tapping and VP tapers.

Power Tools

Whether you are grinding, sanding, polishing or drilling, Walter power tools are designed to last a long time and to provide exceptional performance.


When it comes to welding products, Walter provides a range of designs that will help you increase your productivity and meet all your needs.

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Personalized and Expert
Customer Service

Thanks to our solid expertise, we are able to select the best tools and to provide sound advice for our customers. We offer personalized support for all our clients.

Outstanding Product Quality

We exclusively distribute products and tools that are strong, durable, safe and efficient. Only the best for our customers.

Extensive Inventory
and Advanced Management System

Gain access to one of the biggest inventories in the industry, supported by an exclusive management system, which optimizes our customers' handling of purchasing and reduces their overall resupply costs.

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