Dormer Pramet

Rotary tool manufacturer and indexible insert specialist

Since 1913, Dormer Pramet has been providing rotary tools, including drills, taps and end mills. These highly efficient solutions are suitable for all production environments.

In 2014, Dormer merged with Pramet Tools, an indixible insert tool specialist; thus enabling customers to access a wide range of high quality products, tailored tools and innovative services to facilitate their work. Thanks to this merger, Dormer Pramet now has more than 150 years of history, skills and experience.

With 30 offices worldwide, 5 strategically located distribution platforms and over 100 markets served, Dormer Pramet offers global coverage for its customers.

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Product Categories


Dormer Pramet's range of turning products consists of ISO carbide inserts and tool holders for external and internal turning, which includes general turning (external and internal), parting-off, grooving and threading, as well as heavy turning.


We distribute a wide range of Dormer Pramet milling inserts and modular boring tools to meet every customer requirement.


Drilling inserts, drill bits, reamers and chamfering countersinks are some of the high quality drilling tools provided by the company.


The complete range of advanced threading tools includes general purpose taps, multi-material and material-specific taps, fluteless taps and thread milling cutters. You can choose your product with confidence.


To improve the performance of cutting tools, Dormer Pramet offers an variety of high quality cutting oils available in three formulas. Special tools are also sold as needed.

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Thanks to our solid expertise, we are able to select the best tools and to provide sound advice for our customers. We offer personalized support for all our clients.

Outstanding Product Quality

We exclusively distribute products and tools that are strong, durable, safe and efficient. Only the best for our customers.

Extensive Inventory
and Advanced Management System

Gain access to one of the biggest inventories in the industry, supported by an exclusive management system, which optimizes our customers' handling of purchasing and reduces their overall resupply costs.

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