Global Inventory Management System

Avancia is a management system designed by Lemieux to optimize
inventory management and purchasing for our customers.

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Inventory and Purchasing Management System

Avancia offers a broad range of inventory management and purchasing programs.
These programs all have a single goal: to reduce our clients’ overall resupply costs.

Adjust and reduce inventory levels

Reduce the number of POs and invoices issued

Work with inventory consignment

Reduce investment & inventory consignment

Reduce employee working hours

Reduce shipping costs

Reduce outdated inventory


Optimized Efficiency and Results

Regardless of your type of industry or company, our representatives have gone through extensive training so that they can help you and develop an Avancia system application that will to suit your specific needs.

This system provides access to a recognized expertise in the market, as well as several purchasing and inventory management techniques:

  • Comprehensive purchase integration program
  • Inventory management with barcodes
  • Automatic dispensing machines
  • Kan Ban (2 Bin system)
  • Avancia in-house stockroom (managed by Lemieux)
  • In-house sales clerk
  • On-site management at the work station
  • Training program (mandatory 1% of total payroll)
  • Staff outsourcing
  • Weekly invoicing

Types of Inventory Management and Purchasing Systems

Avancia has made five types of equipment or processes available, to automate your supply inventory management:

  • Distrimag PTI dispensing machines for industrial supply management
  • Iscar drawer-style Matrix, for automated management of cutting tools
  • Barcode systems, which allow inventory management via barcodes and that ensure continuous electronic resupply, eliminating the need for purchase orders
  • Kan Ban systems to manage resupply, using the "2 Bin System" technique
  • Industrial supply storage within the factory, made possible by setting up a warehouse directly on your premises

Why do clients choose us ?

Personalized and Expert
Customer Service

Thanks to our solid expertise, we are able to select the best tools and to provide sound advice for our customers. We offer personalized support for all our clients.

Outstanding Product Quality

We exclusively distribute products and tools that are strong, durable, safe and efficient. Only the best for our customers.

Extensive Inventory
and Advanced Management System

Gain access to one of the biggest inventories in the industry, supported by an exclusive management system, which optimizes our customers' handling of purchasing and reduces their overall resupply costs.

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