Lemieux Inc.: a benchmark company since 1953


Lemieux Inc. was founded in Quebec City, in 1953, by Marc-Aurèle Lemieux. From the beginning, the company’s mission was to distribute specialized industrial goods, aimed especially at woodworking operations, such as sandpaper, sanding belts, and related tools.

The Minnesota Mining Manufaturing Company, later known as 3M, was very closely linked to Lemieux from its inception, as we were distributing, even at that time, the three 3M industrial product categories, namely abrasives, adhesives and tapes.

Over the years, Lemieux Inc. has diversified, significanly extending the range of products that it provides for customers in the manufacturing sector. We later added a range of power tools, cutting tools, accessories and various tools used in metalworking.

In 1992, we acquired the largest bolt distributor in the Quebec City region (Boulons et écrous DLM ltée), thus strengthening our presence with steel product manufacturers and machining centers.

From then on, we were able to offer a full range of tools, abrasives, adhesives and all kinds of industrial fasteners required to manufacture finished products, both in the woodworking and metalworking industries.

In 1998, to adapt to the acquisition of Boulons et Écrous DLM and a growing clientele, we purchased a larger and more functional building.

Lemieux Inc. continued to diversify by adding new product lines such as chemicals, safety products, storage units and industrial dispensing machines. We also designed a more specific product: an inventory and purchase management system called AVANCIA.

Today, we are proud to ship throughout Canada and to provide the most comprehensive expertise in industrial supplies and tools for our customers.

Last, but not least, we have always supported human resources development by promoting, among other things, a pleasant and functional work environment, and most importantly, by introducing continuing education programs for all our employees. This allows us to maintain a high level of expertise, so that we can better serve our clients, even in the decades to come.

André Bilodeau, President


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Personalized and Expert
Customer Service

Thanks to our solid expertise, we are able to select the best tools and to provide sound advice for our customers. We offer personalized support for all our clients.

Outstanding Product Quality

We exclusively distribute products and tools that are strong, durable, safe and efficient. Only the best for our customers.

Extensive Inventory
and Advanced Management System

Gain access to one of the biggest inventories in the industry, supported by an exclusive management system, which optimizes our customers' handling of purchasing and reduces their overall resupply costs.

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